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Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday finish dissappearing jelly roll rails

Today I finished another mini quilt like I made a year ago.  I did a tutorial then of my accidental design.
Link to that tutorial is here 
The following photos show the way I did it this time............
 Start with 9 strips about 17" and sew them together thinking about where each strip will end up if you are making the mini quilt like the photo above.
Cut every other strip down the center.  Cut into blocks.
Lay out the 4" blocks to check the design.
This is the photo I put on instagram of quilting....I really look forward to the straight quilting 1/4" next to the seams.  For some reason...it makes me happy!!  I try to figure the best way so I can quilt in a continuous line as much as possible!

I will link with crazy mom quilts and freemotion by the river.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Background pages.....creative journaling

 Here are the photos of my first time trying out Lindy's magical powders.  They are very fine powders...put them on the page and then spray with water.  On some papers the color goes through to the other side....like the Midori on the right.  It will be okay to journal over.  These were done several weeks ago. 
 Today I put the powders on a piece of tile and used my waterbrush to put the the color on the page. 
 I didn't like this look............
 so I sprayed water with the mini mister for more of a watercolor look....
 Then I used the leftovers on the tile to make a more subdued background page on the right.  I will probably use a white pen to journal over the page on the left.  I really like these colors and will be trying more ways of using them.
This last photo was from last month..........practicing and playing!  Using a stencil brush and acrylic paint to attempt to paint flowers.   On the left is a watercolor background and on the right is black gesso background. 

I enjoy painting almost as much as quilting and will be searching for more ways to combine the two!  I am taking creative journaling classes and I enjoy learning new things and trying out new products. 

I am sharing this to encourage you to try new things and anyone can do this.  I would always welcome new ideas and fun things to learn about painting and quilting together.....so let me know.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Friday, May 4, 2018

Another Christmas mini quilt and a challenge block

 I finally finished this block.  It is from Pat Sloan's Solstice Challenge.  I have pressed some seams to the side and some open.  There are a lot of bulky seams in this and I remember a  trick I learned to flatten the seams is to spray and then they will iron flat.  I am not taking these seams out.....I am practicing to be perfectly imperfect and not rip out any seams unless absolutely necessary!
 Here is another Christmas mini quilt front and back that I finished today.

I really enjoy walking foot quilting......I have probably said that hundreds of times!! 

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Christmas mini quilt finish

 I finished this little quilt that I started at a retreat in December.  AND the backing I used is what I purchased at the retreat from someone in another group that brought fabric from her home store to sell.  It has gold in it and I bought it mainly to go with the fabrics I was using for the Solstice quilt along.  Yes....I will get back to those blocks............. 
 I like having this as a memory of that wonderful retreat!

 Last month Amanda Jean of crazy mom quilts mentioned in her blog about her Hello Kitty sewing machine.  Reading that sparked my search to get one for me and to teach my GGD how to sew.  She just turned 6 and has an interest in sewing.  This will make it even more fun for her and it is a great extra machine for me to use too....it is not a toy.

There are more creative things I will share in another blog post.  I did start a group on FB that makes it easier for me to snap a photo and post from my phone.  I like to document and keep records of my creative projects.  AND I like to be creative every day.  I like to learn new things and inspire and be inspired.  It is a closed group but can be found with a search for those interested.
Weight Watcher lifestyle
Here is a photo of a breakfast I have 2 or 3 times a week.  A light English muffin, Jimmy Dean turkey sausage crumbles and egg with tiny bit of FF cheddar cheese.  With cuties and coffee.....makes a delicious breakfast.

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Sunday, March 18, 2018

getting back to quilting

I have been away from quilting and doing other things with online classes.  I like to do a lot of different things so I jump from one thing to the next.  We have had many distractions like contractors here off and on over the past several months putting in new flooring, new showers, painting, etc.

AND then there is MARCH MADNESS!!  I love watching those basketball games!!

Here is a disappearing jelly roll rails I made this last week....I need to quilt it and then I will add more about it when I finish it.....

the next photo is background strips for Regatta quilt along..............
 In one of my online classes we had an assignment for Valentine's Day.  I did this heart in my Midori notebook with watercolor and acrylic paints.  I used white gesso on the backs of each of these pages.
 I ordered some Daniel Smith dot cards and I have been doing swatches with the colors. I have also been working with my Inktense pencils but no photos.
About food and WW lifestyle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Here are the plates from one of our favorite places to eat.  Can you guess where?
 The previous photo is from Sizzler (eating at a buffet is not very point friendly but I can keep the points within a good range by using my weekly points).........and all of this is so delicious!!

 Here is a photo of what I eat for lunch most days.  Joseph's lavash is 2 sp for one whole piece.  (I get this at Walmart)  And the Greek yogurt and turkey are no points.  I eat this with an apple and 1/2 banana.

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Smiles and hugs.................Caryl

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Road to California quilt show

 Yesterday we went to Ontario to the quilt show.  Such awesome quilts and this was one of my favorites.  It is by Kathy McNeil and it is just amazing!!  This was one quilt they allowed us to photograph.

 I stopped by to see Gudrun of GEDesigns.  I am in her FB group it was great to see her.
Here is a photo of me drooling over a black cherry beauty!!

There is so much to see and so many vendors....  It was a delightful day.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 word of the year

How many of you pick a word for the year?  My word this year is consistency!
Here is a photo from my creative journal about consistency.
I started a bullet journal this year and I am taking a class that will help me be more consistent....in areas where I want to do things on a regular basis!  Since I am retired I can do whatever I want.....right?  But there are so many things that I want to do every single day........... 
be creative every day............write more blog posts...........my online classes...........journaling........
my quilting projects............exercise.............more challenges in my FB group............the list goes on...

I am in a group that chose 12 UFO projects to do and number them.  Someone picks a number each month and that is the one to work on..........fun....hope it gets me moving some of these projects. 

I have gone over a month without much sewing or quilting....we had new flooring put in our house and it has been hectic moving things from one place to another and packing things away....keeping furniture in the middle of some rooms till baseboards were done.....etc... Now it is done and time to get things put back but I am getting rid of a lot of stuff that I don't use and don't need anymore!

I would like to get my goal amount of steps every day but I do the best I can and most days I do get my goal.  The last photo was taken last week on our walk.....it had just rained and the leaves were falling because of the wind and rain.  Looks more like a fall photo rather than January but it is different here in California.  The leaves all drop off the trees about this time of year and before long there will be buds out and it will be more like spring.  I do love snow and winter too....but I really enjoy our weather.  I decided to add this photo to my header.....fun to crunch through the leaves!!

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Online class by John'aLee

There is a class that started the first of this month by John'aLee of the Scrappy Appleyard.  Here is the link to her blog that tells about it....    class by John'aLee

Here is the title of her blog post.

Are You Needing Some Motivation to Get Organized this year?..... I have the perfect class for you!!

She has a discount until January 15th if you want to sign up.

I mentioned this class in my last post....John'aLee's Jubilee

Let me know if you sign up to take this class.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Thursday, January 4, 2018

A quilt sew along

 There is a sew along starting now.  I have printed out the pattern and this is the jelly roll I have chosen.
This jelly roll is about 10 years old and I need to use it.  I think I bought it to make a purse and that is not happening.

Regatta Quilt Sew Along by Home Sewn By Us is where you will find the sew along if you want to join in the fun.
The pattern calls for each row to have the same fabric.....but I don't have very many strips that are the same on this jelly roll so it will be a mixture of patterns but the colors will be close!
So now I completed the first part of the sew along......select the fabric.

I have chosen my word for the year and it is............consistency.  I am going to do a page about it in my creative journal.

I started two new online classes this week:
       John'aLee's Jubilee class about journaling and planning.  Setting up a bullet journal.
       Joanne Sharpe class 2018 Artfully Inspired Life

Anyone else going to do this sew along??

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Friday, December 8, 2017

My first quilt retreat

 This week I went on my first quilting retreat with my quilting group that meets every week.
We were there from Monday to Wednesday.
It was a wonderful experience and we are planning another retreat next year.
I finished this Christmas mug rug today.   I started it at the retreat on my old sewing machine and the walking foot was not behaving so I had to finish this at home on my other Bernina.
 Here are just a few of the things I was working on at the retreat.  I started a small little book that has memories from the retreat.  All of my friends decorated a page and I am adding their photos and other things to the book now.  I used some sewing and Christmas stamps, markers, stencils, etc to make it fun!  AND some of them added little pieces of fabric to the book........so fun!!
 I took some of my journals and did doodles, lettering, etc.  I ordered the 72 Inktense pencils and I added the number and name and color of each in one of my journals.  I will be doing this same thing on fabric too.
 We were at Vina de Lestonnac Retreat Cener in Temecula.  It has a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere with lots of space and great light.  We each worked on our own projects from morning till bedtime!  AND the food was exceptional.  Photos of one breakfast and one evening meal.

Weight Watcher Lifestyle
The new WW program started this week while I was on the retreat.  I wasn't worried about following the program because the app on my phone tells me the changes in points.  It was easy to fall right into the new program and I love it so far.  I lose weight very...very slowly and I am already losing weight this week after eating such wonderful delicious meals at a retreat!!
Anyone else on WW having any reactions to this new plan??

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Friday, December 1, 2017

Online Creative Christmas Journaling class

There is a new online class about ----  Christmas Journaling/Planning/ Scripture Writing 

It is called The Peppermint Express  at ruzuku............

It is by John'aLee at The Scrappy Appleyard and her blog post is here

For those who like to do creative journaling, scrapbooking and being creative...this is a class for you.  AND there is a FB group to go along with the class.

She also does You Tube videos.

Several years ago I did the Rancher's Daughter quilt along with her blog.

Let me know if you sign up.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving blessings to all.  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.
I was searching through my old photos for some Thanksgiving related photos and am sharing some here. 
 My decorative paintings I many years ago and usually display this time of year.
The last photo of the tablerunner I made 2 years ago and just love it.  I blogged about it then and is a pattern from Sarah at sewjoycreations.com. 

We have our house upside down and I am not decorating or hosting anything for awhile!  We have been waiting all year for remodeling to be done.....bathroom shower and floor finished yesterday!  Now the carpet is coming out next on most of the house and vinyl plank flooring will be installed.  Not much sewing going on here!

Smiles and hugs....Caryl